IWW-Australia-graphic.jpgEpisode on the early history of the revolutionary Industrial Workers of the World union in Australia, in conversation with Paula DeAngelis. Paula is a historian and contributed to Wobblies of the World: a global history of the IWW.

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Episode 6 of our podcast gives an introduction to the IWW in the US so we recommend listening to that before this unless you are well acquainted with IWW history and terminology already.

– This is a short history of the Australian IWW: https://libcom.org/history/1914-2000-the-australian-iww-and-direct-action
– These are personal recollections of involvement in the Australian IWW: https://libcom.org/library/memoirs-i-w-w-australia-bill-beattie
– This short history of the IWW outside the US has a helpful chronology of the Australian IWW: https://libcom.org/history/brief-history-iww-outside-us-1905-1999
– This article compares gender politics between the Australian and US IWWs: https://libcom.org/history/virile-syndicalism-comparative-perspective-gender-analysis-iww-united-states-australia
– This is a short biography of Tom Barker: https://libcom.org/history/barker-tom-1887-1970

Thanks to Warren Fahey for permission to use his rendition of the Australian IWW song “Bump me into Parliament”: http://www.warrenfahey.com.au/
You can also stream it on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4J1ihYA2Q1etEpD2RuKPR1
This episode was edited by Louise Barry from Audio Interference: http://interferencearchive.org/category/publications/audio/

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