Podcast about the early history of women in the revolutionary Industrial Workers of the World union in the United States, in conversation with Heather Mayer, author of Beyond the Rebel Girl: Women and the IWW in the Pacific Northwest, 1905-1924.

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E16: Women in the early IWW Working Class History

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– Everett massacre: here is an extensive collection about these events: content.lib.washington.edu/pnwlaborweb/index.html
– Mother Jones: this is her autobiography – libcom.org/library/autobiography-mother-jones
– Lucy Parsons: this is a short biography – libcom.org/history/articles/1853-lucy-parsons
– Emma Goldman: this is a short biography – libcom.org/history/articles/1869-1940-emma-goldman
– Elizabeth Gurley Flynn: this is her autobiography – https://libcom.org/history/rebel-girl-autobiography-my-first-life-1906-26
– Spokane free speech fight: this is a short history – libcom.org/history/1908-10-spo…e-free-speech-fight
– Lawrence textile strike: this is a short history – libcom.org/history/articles/la…textile-strike-1912
– Paterson: this article about Italian anarchists in Paterson covers the IWW and the silk strike: libcom.org/history/patersons-i…e-salvatore-salerno
– This is a photo gallery of women in the IWW: reuther.wayne.edu/image/tid/1941
– Immigrant girl, radical woman: a memoir from the early 20th century by Matilda Rabinowitz is a great, illustrated account of one leading IWW woman organiser. You can get it here: amzn.to/2JJOKo6


– Thanks to the Salt Lake Tribune for permission to use the recording of Rebel Girl, performed by Alyeah Hansen in 2015. Check out the full video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_tz3wPgLUw
And take a look at their excellent Legacy of Joe Hill homepage: local.sltrib.com/charts/joehill/landingpage.html
– Edited by Daniel Waldorf


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