History isn’t made by kings or politicians, it is made by us: billions of ordinary people. It is our struggles which have shaped our world, and any improvement in our conditions has been won by years of often violent conflict and sacrifice.

WCH is dedicated to all those who have struggled in the past for a better world, and who continue to do so now. To help record and popularise our grassroots, people’s history, as opposed to the top-down accounts of most history books.

We are completely independent of any government, political party or corporation, and all of our work is funded entirely by you: our readers and listeners. If you want to support our work financially, you can support us through patreon, where you can also access exclusive content and benefits, or you can donate here. You can also shop in our online store.


Working Class History includes a number of projects, and is always growing. What we are able to do depends on how much financial support we receive. At the moment we do the following:

  • Podcast: telling the stories of past struggles and people who have fought for a better world
  • Stories app: containing all of our historical stories with timelines, sources and more information
  • Map app: containing the majority of our historical stories, browsable through an interactive map
  • Publishing: producing and helping publish people’s history books
  • Shop: selling radical history books, posters, clothing and other merchandise to help fund our work
  • Working Class Literature: our sister podcast and Twitter account
  • Email list: keeping in touch with people directly, independent of social media corporations.
  • Social media: We have a number of social media accounts in English which we post to daily, to help popularise people’s history:
    • Instagram: radical history On This Day highlights, as well as stories, photos and videos of other stuff we get up to
    • Facebook: highlights of radical history On This Day
    • Twitter: all of our history events On This Day
    • TikTok: occasional history videos
    • Tumblr: On This Day radical history highlights
    • YouTube: short videos giving a brief history of different events and concepts.
    • Bluesky: backup social media account
    • Mastodon: backup social media account
    • Threads: backup social media account
  • Other languages: We have sister projects in multiple other languages, which you can check out here:

Help out

If you want to help out with any of these projects, you can either support us financially, or volunteer with us. To discuss volunteering, please just email info@workingclasshistory.com


We are part of the international History From Below network, fighting for a better past!


What various cool people are saying about us.

“In case you needed a reminder that ordinary people have the power to change history, and have many times over, check out Working Class History”

Tom Morello, Rage Against The Machine, The Nightwatchman

“Working Class History is just magnificent!! Reminding and informing us daily of our working class history and the extraordinary‘ordinary’ people who have risked and sacrificed their lives in the fight against fascism and tyranny. WCH is a constant source of inspiration. The power of solidarity against corruption in power. Studying our past is imperative for a fairer and just future and there is no better place to start that education!”

Maxine Peake, actor and activist

“Working Class History has hit upon a novel way to communicate our shared history to a new generation of budding radicals and working class revolutionaries. They make it clear that today’s victories build upon yesterday’s struggles, and that, in order to push forward into the liberated, equitable future we want, we must remember how far we’ve come—and reckon with how much further there is to go.”

Kim Kelly, journalist and author, Fight Like Hell

“This ingenious archive of working class history is filled with little and better known events. Reading through the text, the power, fury, and persistence of the working class struggles shine. ‘Working class’ is broader than unions and job struggles, rather includes all emancipatory acts of working class people, whether they be Indigenous peoples fighting for land rights, African-Americans massively protesting police killings, anti-colonial liberation movements, women rising up angry, or mass mobilizations worldwide against imperialist wars. It is international in scope as is the working class.”

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, author of An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States