E59-60: The Bread Intifada

Double podcast episode on the 1977 Bread Intifada, in which hundreds of thousands of working-class Egyptians rose up against the government’s termination of food subsidies. We speak to Egyptian journalist and revolutionary socialist, Hossam el-Hamalawy, about the uprising, the decade of worker-student militancy leading up to it, and its relevance today.

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Help us fund a free people’s history web app

Since 2014, Working Class History has been building a fact-checked archive of stories about events in people’s history, which now contains nearly 4000 stories. We have also been mapping exact physical locations of events, and collating sources. We need your help to be able to turn this currently-private archive into a powerful, interactive, accessible and easy-to-use website available to all.

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WCL E2: Joseph Skipsey – poet and pitman

Episode two of the Working Class Literature podcast about Joseph Skipsey, a poet and coal miner from the North East of England. After entering the mines as a child, he would grow up to become a nationally-renowned poet, respected by some of the most famous artists of the nineteenth century. In this episode, we speak to researcher Dr Gordon Tait and musician Chris Harrison, both of whom have been doing lots of work around Skipsey’s life and poetry.

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E50: Working Class History, the book

Podcast episode in which we talk about our new book, Working Class History: Everyday Acts of Resistance & Rebellion, with our friends at the Coffee with Comrades podcast, which they edited and put out as their episode 114. They kindly shared the audio with us, which we have lightly edited for brevity and include here as our latest episode.

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