1940 Cleveland's Industrial LeaguePodcast episode about the later history of the revolutionary union the Industrial Workers of the World 1918-1950s. We went to Chicago to talk to our friend Warren to learn more about this little-known period in the union’s history.

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Here are links to source information and further reading on the topics discussed in this episode
Industrial Worker archive
The One Big Union Monthly archive
They didn’t suppress the Wobblies – Fred Thompson
Blood on the coal: Colorado strike of 1927 – Patrick Murfin
The IWW since 1932 – George Pearce
Cleveland Metal and Machinery Workers 440 Shop Bulletins
Educate, Organize, Emancipate: The Work People’s College and The Industrial Workers of the World
1950: report from Cleveland metalworkers union calling on the IWW to comply with Taft-Hartley

The Wobblies in Their Heyday: The Rise and Destruction of the Industrial Workers of the World During the World War I Era by Eric Chester
At the Point of Production: The Local History of the I.W.W. Edited by Joseph R. Conlin.
From Syndicalism to Trade Unionism: The IWW in Ohio, 1905-1950 by Roy T. Wortman
The Communist Party and the Auto Workers Unions by Roger Keeran

Music used in the episode under Fair Use is:
– There is power in the union – Joe Glazer – buy it online here: www.amazon.com/There-Power-Union/dp/B000S3FOSW
Edited by Jesse French

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