In this two-part episode, Working Class Literature speak to DD Johnston about his new novel, Disnaeland, about a working-class Scottish community’s response to societal collapse. We also discuss his previous novels and his participation in McDonald’s Workers’ Resistance, a radical collective of angry employees at the world’s biggest fast food chain.

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  • Part 1: Darren talks to us about working-class writing; his involvement in McDonald’s Workers’ Resistance and the broader anti-capitalist movement; his first novel, Peace, Love and Petrol Bombs, and his new novel, Disnaeland (including readings from both). He also discusses depictions of societal collapse in popular culture, and how his new novel is different.

WCL05: DD Johnston's proletarian apocalypse, part 1 Working Class History

  • Part 1 bonus: We go into more detail about McDonald’s Workers’ Resistance, including Darren’s invitation to the Canadian Labour Congress and the 2002 International McStrike – available now, exclusively for our supporters on patreon.
  • Part 2: Darren discusses his new novel’s relationship to the Scots language, the apocalyptic prophecies of radical, pre-Enlightenment Christianity, and its focus on mutual aid as a response to disaster. Darren also performs two further readings from his new novel – available now for early listening on patreon.
  • Part 2 bonus: Darren talks about his novels’ relationship to older forms of working-class writing, and how they relate to changing ideas about class and possibilities for transforming society – available now, exclusively for our supporters on patreon.

More information

For more information on DD Johnston, check out his website.

Click here to buy a copy of Disnaeland from an independent bookshop.

See also the links below to buy his previous novels.

Further reading

McDonald’s Workers’ Resistance

DD Johnston essays


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  • This episode was edited by Jesse French.


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