Podcast episode about the huge and successful strikes by miners in Britain in 1972 and 1974, in conversation with Dave Douglass.

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Continuing our intermittent series of podcast episodes about the great strike of UK miners from 1984-5, we tell the story of what came beforehand. In this episode, we look at the historical background, and learn about the national wildcat strike in 1969, as well as the nationwide official strikes of 1972 and 1974, which both defeated the Conservative government and eventually brought it down.


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  • E81.1: Bonus episode with more about Dave’s revolutionary politics, day-to-day work in the mines, and discussion of popular images of the 1970s in the UK today – Coming soon for our patreon supporters

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Pickets at Ferrybridge Power Station, Yorkshire, 1972. Courtesy © NLA/reportdigital.co.uk
Dave Douglass at work at Hatfield Main colliery, 1967. Courtesy Dave Douglass
Dave Douglass with colleagues down the mines at Hatfield. Courtesy Dave Douglass
Dave Douglass fundraising with Didcott pickets during the 1972 strike. Courtesy Dave Douglass



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  • Episode graphic: © NLA/reportdigital.co.uk.
  • Edited by Louise Barry
  • Theme tune courtesy of the Easington Colliery Brass Band.


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