Our latest podcast miniseries this Pride month is about Lesbians & Gays Support the Miners, a small group of LGBTQ people in London who began to raise money for striking workers in the Welsh valleys during the great miners’ strike of 1984-5. Unknown to them at the time, they would end up transforming both communities, and Britain as a whole.

LGSM have recently achieved a level of fame due to the excellent 2014 film by Steven Beresford, Pride. In these episodes, participants in the group, and in the Welsh mining communities, tell their story.

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  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Bonus episode 2.1, with more information about how LGSM organised, and the history of mining in the Welsh valleys: exclusively for our patreon supporters
  • Part 3
  • Bonus episode 3.1, where the interviewees talk about Pride the film, and their involvement in its production: exclusively for our patreon supporters


LGSM members with their banner. Mike Jackson is pictured 4th from right. All photographs here courtesy of LGSM.
Brett and Martin 1984.jpg
Brett Haran (left) and Martin Goodsell (right), 1984
Mark Ashton.jpg
Mark Ashton c1985
LGSM colour banner.jpg
LGSM marching in support of the miners
LGSM van.jpg
Members of the South Wales mining communities and LGSM in front of the van purchased with LGSM funds
Dancing during the first LGSM visit to the Welsh valleys. Jonathan Blake is pictured, centre, in the checked trousers he tailored himself (discussed in bonus episode 3.1). Sian James is in the dotted dress to his left.
LGSM South Wales.jpg
LGSM members in the Onllwyn Miners’ Welfare Hall during their first visit. Martin is 3rd from left, middle row, with Brett next to him in the centre. October 1984
Dulais miners visiting London 1985.jpg
Miners and their families visiting London with LGSM members
pride 1985.jpg
LGSM along with miners and their marching band leading Pride 1985
LGSM members and friends, 2015. Mike Jackson in glasses above the letters “IAN”
Sian James 2015.jpg
Sian James, centre facing camera, at Pride 2015
LGSM 2015.jpg
L-R: Dai Donovan, Cath Booth (a Manchester LGSM member), Mike Jackson, Brett Haran, Len McCluskey (Unite union leader), Martin Goodsell, Jonathan Blake at the Durham Miners’ Gala, 2015

Film: All out! Dancing in Dulais


These episodes were edited by Jesse French
Theme music by the Kellingley colliery brass band
Photographs and audio clips reproduced with thanks, courtesy of LGSM

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One thought on “E27-29: Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners

  1. If all the oppressed support each other, they can be strong. If each group only focuses on its minority issues, they will be ignored. If they fight each other for prominence they weaken each other.

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