Podcast episode about the Vietnam war with Noam Chomsky, and Mrs Van, a member of the Vietnamese Women’s Union. We look at the geopolitics of the conflict and its human cost.

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E14: The Vietnam war with Noam Chomsky Working Class History

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– Thanks to Vivian Rothstein for providing the recording of Mrs Van’s testimony.
– The music in this episode was also from the recording by Vivian Rothstein taken of Mrs Van and the Vietnamese Women’s Union from 1967.
– This episode was edited by Emma Courtland (www.emmacourtland.com/) and Stephanie Hydal (stephaniehydal.com/portfolio)


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2 thoughts on “E14: The Vietnam war with Noam Chomsky

  1. Mrs Van said Trần Thị Lý, the activist and torture victim, would never be able to find love and get married. But actually, “While convalescing in Hanoi, Tran Thi Ly fell in love with a fellow wounded soldier. The couple had a simple wedding and did not register their marriage until 1978. Due to a legacy of torture in the past, she lost the ability to bear children, so the two adopted a daughter.”


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