Summer 2019 marks 50 years since the iconic rebellion against the police raid of the Stonewall Inn in New York City. The LGBTQ patrons and locals, many of them people of colour, and most of them working class, fought back against the police in 6 days of rioting. Then they organised, revolutionising the LGBTQ rights movement, and sparking Pride.
In honour of Pride month, WCH are releasing a series of episodes about LGBTQ history. We begin with a double episode telling the story of the Stonewall rebellion, in the words of participants.

After the rebellion, participants in it, along with others, set up the Gay Liberation Front, and then organised a protest on its first anniversary, 28 June 1970, which became Pride.

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  • Part 1
  • Part 2
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We’ve produced a range of merchandise commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall rebellion, and the ensuing Gay Liberation Front and Pride. Proceeds help fund our work, as well as activism today by original participants in the riots and the GLF. Check it out here:

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mcdarrah-stonewall 2.jpg
In addition to the photograph used above, this is one of the only photographs taken during the riots, by Fred McDarrah –

Mattachine Stonewall.jpg

Message painted on the front of the Stonewall Inn after the first riot by the Mattachine Society calling for calm. It was ignored! – Photograph  by Fred McDarrah –

8C1A0811 b.jpg
Martin Boyce with his friend Bertie Rivera, c1969
John O'Brien.png
John O’Brien, c1969
Martha 2.jpg
Martha Shelley, c1969
8C1A8297 b1.jpg
Martin Boyce, recently
John O’Brien with Dolores Huerta at an exhibition of John’s archive of United Farm Workers materials, 2015
Martha Shelley, right, with colleagues at the lavender menace action, 1970



  • In part 1 we mistakenly refer to the US government as “post-colonial” instead of “post-independence”
  • We also refer to “gender reassignment surgery” as opposed to “gender affirmation surgery”.

We apologise for these errors.


Here are other sources used in addition to the links already given in the More information section:


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Theme music for this episode was Stand up for Your Rights by The International Gay Society courtesy of Chapter Records from their excellent album from the gay liberation movement. You can stream it here or buy it here.

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