Podcast episode about the workers at the Lusty Lady strip club in San Francisco who in 1997 were the first women who managed to unionise a strip joint in the United States, and who later took it over and ran it as a workers’ co-operative.

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Pictured above are Lusty Lady workers, including Cinnamon Maxxine, left, marching on May Day 2008 in support of San Francisco dock workers.
– You can watch Live Nude Girls Unite!, a documentary about the original organising effort, free on Prime Video (or to rent/buy)
– You can read No Justice, No Piece! A working girls guide to labour organising in the sex industry, a manual put together by the Lusty Lady workers, here
– Find Antonia Crane online: Web | Twitter | Instagram | Antonia’s personal memoir, Spent 

Antonia WCH.jpg
Via Antonia’s Instagram

Soldiers of Pole
Cinnamon Maxxine
Old Lusty Lady website


lusty booth.jpg
The dancing booth at the Lusty 
union photo.jpg
Lusty Lady workers parade float, 2012

Short video about the Lusty Lady co-operative:

Short video filmed with workers just before the club closed:

Short video about the Lusty closing party (thanks to Trevor Crane for permission to use audio from this clip in our episode):

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Episode cover photo by Matthew Roth
Editing by Louise Barry of Audio Interference

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