Sick of Santa always getting better presents for rich children? Instead of him, celebrate the festive season with Marx or Bakunin on our Christmas jumpers and porcelain tree ornaments!

You can check out our Christmas collection, decorated with images of communist theoretician Karl Marx and collectivist anarchist Mikhail Bakunin here in our online store:

All proceeds fund our work, and worker organising projects we support in Asia.

Also in our Christmas collection is the 2019 WCH wall calendar, a large, high-quality wall calendar made from thick card, with radical history every day of the year and a great photograph each month. You can also give us a one-off donation, and if you really fancy giving WCH a Christmas present, please support us on patreon here.

For Christmas gift ideas for friends and family, check out our entire merch catalogue here.

Happy holidays!

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4 thoughts on “WCH Christmas merch

  1. I know it’s too late now, but I hope you consider selling these as t shirts for Southern Hemisphere Comrades.

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