square episode graphicSpecial Working Class History episode produced by our friends at lefty comedy podcast Srsly Wrong, speaking with John from WCH about mutinies: rebellions in the armed forces.

We thought we would do something a bit different this time, and release a collaboration episode. One of us spoke with Srsly Wrong about the history of mutinies and why they’re important, looking primarily at World War I and the Vietnam war. They produced the episode and we are releasing it on both of our feeds.

Working Class History · E38: Mutiny! With Srsly Wrong

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If you want to learn more about mutinies, check out our double episode on the Vietnam GI resistance, as well as our four-part miniseries about the Columbia Eagle mutiny. And check out our episode about the Vietnam war with Noam Chomsky to learn more about the context of the conflict.


These are sources for the things John spoke about, in the order in which they appear in the episode.


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