Podcast miniseries about the 43 Group of mostly Jewish ex-servicemen and women who battled Oswald Mosley’s fascists in Britain’s streets after World War II.
We speak with Daniel Sonabend, author of We Fight Fascists: The 43 Group and Their Forgotten Battle for Post-War Britain, as well as Jules Konopinski, who was a member of the group.
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  • Part 1: The background of antisemitism and fascism in Britain, and the formation of the group
  • Part 1 bonus: Bonus episode about the early life of Jules Konopinski and how his family escaped the Holocaust (exclusive for patrons)
  • Part 2: How the group operated, women and LGBT+ people in the group
  • Part 3: How the police and the Jewish community reacted, and lessons for today
  • Part 3 bonus: The 62 Group and the renewed fight against Mosley in the 1960s (exclusive for patrons)

More information

For more information about the 43 group, check out Daniel’s excellent book: We Fight Fascists, available in our online store.
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Flamberg & Wimborne after their acquittal and release
Gerry Flamberg (front left) and Jonny Wimborne (front right) standing outside the court house after the acquittal on an attempted murder charge. The smiling man between them is Len Rolnick who ran the Communist cell within the Group. Courtesy Daniel Sonabend.
A 43 Group meeting. Courtesy Morris Beckman.
A young Jules Konopinski. Courtesy Jules Konopinski and Daniel Sonabend.

Sources and links

We always endeavour to be as accurate as possible, but we are only human so occasionally we err. In part 1, Daniel Sonabend refers to the liberation of Bergen-Belsen in 1944, it should have been 1945. And the journalist who made the famous broadcast from the camp was actually Richard Dimbleby.

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