One of the Working Class History team has started a new sister podcast to ours, taking a radical look at fiction and culture. Check out this short audio introduction.

WCL has started a patreon, here. WCL patreon supporters get benefits like early access to podcast episodes, bonus episodes and more, and as the podcast will only be occasional for the time being, subscriptions will be per episode, rather than per month.
Early access and bonus episodes will also be available to all Working Class History patrons contributing $10 a month or more.

For now, the Working Class Literature podcast will be available on our website and at soundcloud.com/workingclassliterature

It should shortly be available on most podcast apps.

The first episode, about Industrial Workers of the World union columnist and songwriter T-Bone Slim, will be out soon.

They also have a Twitter account. Follow them at @workingclasslit

So if you are interested in the cultural side of people’s history, check it out!

If you value our work please take a second to support Working Class History on Patreon!

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