Since 2014, Working Class History has been building a fact-checked archive of stories about events in people’s history, which now contains nearly 4000 stories. We have also been mapping exact physical locations of events, and collating sources. We need your help to be able to turn this currently-private archive into a powerful, interactive, accessible and easy-to-use website available to all.

The free web app well contain lots more information and links about all of our stories, with browsable timelines and maps. We have attempted for some years to realise this project just with volunteers; unfortunately, however, we have so far been unable to bring it to fruition. As such, we have now partnered with Yalla Cooperative to bring the project to life.

Draft mockup of the map feature, zoomed in on London

Our aim is to launch the website early in 2022. Any excess funds collected will help fund the work of Working Class History more generally.

If you can, please donate here to our Go Fund Me to make this project a reality. If you can’t spare the cash, absolutely no problem, but please share a link to the crowdfunder on your social media platforms.

About Working Class History

Founded in 2014, WCH is an international collective of worker-activists dedicated to researching and promoting our collective history of fighting for better world, to educate and inspire a new generation of activists. To this end we host a podcast, social media channels, have published a book and are building a website and global map of social movements and struggles.

About Yalla Cooperative

Yalla is a collective of developers and designers, working together across the UK, Gaza and Germany, shared in our belief that transcending borders through technology makes us stronger in designing the tools and teams needed to drive positive social change across the world. We work with charities, non-profits and social enterprises, building solutions to tackle societal challenges through technology.
Half owned and run by people from Gaza, our members are united in a shared goal of building opportunities and ownership not otherwise available to people in Gaza. As a flat-structure organisation and proponents of open-source, collaborative working, we hope we can provide a framework that will encourage other similar-minded collectives to come together and help contribute to a fairer distribution of opportunity globally.
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