Double podcast episode about anti-racist Asian youth movements in Bradford, England in the 1970s and 80s. We speak to Tariq Mehmood about the Asian Youth Movement, the United Black Youth League, and his seminal trial as one of the so-called Bradford 12.

These will be the first in an occasional series of episodes looking at different aspects of Asian youth movements in Britain at different cities at that time.

  • Part 1: exploring what life was like at the time for young Asians in Britain, how organising began and introducing political “blackness”
  • Part 2: looking at what happened to the organisations which were set up in the city, and Bradford 12 trial
  • Bonus episode: with more information about an unknown connection between a recent trial and the Bradford 12, as well as Tariq writing his first book in prison – available exclusively for our patreon supporters

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These episodes were edited by Daniel Woldorff
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